We just love this short video of how a healthy septic tank work.  Unfortunately like all things in life, problems pop up. Aerobic Bacteria and oxygen is key to the success of your septic tank. If you experience any smells, overflow of water around your septic tank or you have to pump out your septic tank on a regular basis, it is time to add Eco Tabs Septic Tank Treatment!  You simply flush the tab down the toilet. Eco Tabs™ are unique in their ability to super-oxygenate your septic tank without the need for any additional equipment, giving our super bugs a suitable environment to do their job.  Without the oxygen, all bacterial products lose efficiency and the majority of the product flushes through the system without having an impact!




Joco Coffee Cups


Annually, 2.25 billion paper cups are used worldwide and those figures are rising by the millions each year. That’s 50 million trees cut down every year for the sake of convenience. This impact on the environment will only continue to increase.

Joco is one of the companies out there that is making a difference simply because we are different. JOCO is a collective of coffee drinkers that is proud to believe that we can help the environment without compromising taste and style.

Get yourself one today:


Grown Alchemist


We love this completely organic skin care range from Grown Alchemist. Get beautiful and healthy skin with the regenerative power of plants and their fruits which are as ancient as the earth. Finished off in environmentally friendly packaging an absolute ‘must-have’ for modern, sustainable living.


EWG’s SkinDeep®



Have you ever wondered what ingredients are in the cosmetics you use on a day to day basis?

The Environmental Working Group have made it their mission to review over 60,000 products of 2,500 brands since 2004 to give insight to protect human health and the environment. Review data sources on toxicity and study the ingredient database.

Beauty Engineered For Ever (B_B_B)



Time for a big home clean? The ever-expanding arsenal of home cleaning products usually contains a series of chemicals which can produce indoor air-pollution. So you can either make them yourself (a little vinegar goes a long way) or find yourself a good environmentally friendly cleaning range. We love what New Zealand company ‘Beauty Engineered For Ever’ has created. Green products which look beautiful and help to save the world. Who said cleaning had to be boring.


Welcome to Eco Tabs


we are so excited to launch our new website and bring Eco Tabs™ to the Australian and New Zealand market. We strongly believe in the unique formula of our product but the best part is surely that it’s ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY!
Yes, we can proudly say that Eco Tabs™ are chemical-free, food grade, biodegradable and non-hazardous making them a fantastic ‘green way’ to dispose grease. With it’s multifunctional bioremediation system it oxygenates waste water and creates pure, clean water which goes back to the earth. By choosing this product you are helping to reduce the levels of toxic chemicals in one of the most important areas of your life – your home.

With this blog we would like to feature other stories, thoughts, products and people who believe in the same philosophy of bringing natural solutions to everyday life.