Your GREASE TRAP Solution


Eco-Tabs™ are perfect for Grease Traps

  • Prevents odours
  • No need for manual removal of grease
  • Cleans downstream pipes and prevents blockages
  • Further improves the performance of the subsequent septic system


So why is our Grease Trap Treatment a step above the rest?

•  The powder raise oxygen levels throughout the volume of water,  75% more than manual aeration.
•  The Oxygen released,  immediately reacts with any Hydrogen Sulphide (smells) for elimination of unwanted rotten grease smells.
•  Eco-Tabs™ powder pH Buffer will neutralise the pH of the water which, when combined with the high oxygen concentrations released, results in an ideal environment for our bacterial strains to thrive.
•  17 Different,  specially selected,  aerobic bacterial strains  ensures mass reduction in grease build up, sludge, harmful pathogens and offensive smells.
•  Global team of dedicated microbiologists, scientists, waste water engineers and experts ensures unrivalled product quality and efficiency.



Just a short note to thank you for your excellent service and great product.  Our grease trap and grey water tank are in great condition and our septic out-flow is running extremely well.  We will most certainly continue to use the product in the future.

Mike O’Dea, Beerburrum, Qld.

Cost:  $89 (480g) and FREE SHIPPING Australia wide!