How it works

Eco Tabs™ are a patent pending, multi-functional tablets engineered to oxygenate your septic tank, remove smelly odours (H2S), prevent corrosion, and initiate aerobic biological breakdown of organic solids, nutrients and various other organic compounds. The cost efficiency and technical ability of Eco Tabs™ represents a true innovation in the treatment of septic tanks worldwide and in Australia.

Drop it into the toilet and flush it. The Eco Tabs™ fall to the bottom of your septic tank and dissolve over time releasing billions of multi-functional aerobic bacteria and oxygen. The tablets are designed to dissolve slowly whilst embedded in the sludge of your septic tank.

The tablets raise Oxygen levels throughout your septic tank in concentrations up to 75% more than can be achieved with manual. Eco Tabs™ will neutralise the pH of the water which, when combined with oxygen results in an ideal environment for our 17 best quality bacterial strains to thrive. The oxygen released immediately reduces those smelly odours (H2S) and the bacteria will digest unwanted oils, grease and organic compounds associated with blocking your septic tank, leaving you with a healthy and happy septic tank.