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Eco Tabs Grease Trap Treatment


SKU: ET002.

Product Description

•  The product raise oxygen levels throughout the volume of water,  75% more than manual aeration.
•  The Oxygen released,  immediately reacts with any Hydrogen Sulfphide (smells) for elimination of unwanted rotten grease trap smells.
•  Eco-Tabs™ powder pH Buffer will neutralise the pH of the water which, when combined with the high oxygen concentrations released,  results in an ideal environment for our bacterial strains to thrive.
•  17 Different,  specially selected,  aerobic bacterial strains ensures mass reduction in grease build up, sludge, harmful pathogens and offensive smells.
•  Global team of dedicated microbiologists, scientists, waste water engineers and experts ensures unrivalled product quality and efficiency.



1.  CLEAN OUT:            First application:  Dose four ( 4 ) tablespoons  DIRECTLY  into grease trap & stir well.

2.  MAINTENANCE:   There after:  One (1) tablespoon per week.  Simply flush down kitchen sink, last thing at night.



Cost:  $89 (480g), 6 month supply and FREE SHIPPING Australia wide!


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