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Eco Tabs Septic Tank Clean Out Kit


SKU: ET003.

Product Description

When last did you pump out your septic tank? Has it been years?  Pump outs can be costly and many of us tend to avoid doing it.

As with anything else in life, prevention is better than cure, but sometimes we just forget to…well, prevent!

Eco-Tabs Clean Out package is designed to deal with a system that was pumped out years ago and is full of thick nasties!  The more backlog there is, the more product you will need to get rid of it!

We’ve combined two of our products, Eco Tabs Septic Tank Tablets and Eco Tabs Septic Tank Shock to produce a power pack full of results!!



  • In order for efficient digestion of solids and nasties in the water, sufficient oxygen and high quality bacterial strains are needed.

  • The tablets raise oxygen levels throughout the volume of water 75% more than manual aeration. Even if you have a modern treatment system, the extra oxygenation combined with your aerator will ensure better results!

  • Eco Tabs Septic Tank Shock is a powder with added oxygenating properties, giving the bacterial soldiers extra power, almost like “redbull gives you wings”!  Powder do however flush out of the system faster than the tablets, therefor frequent small dosages is needed instead of a once off, once a month flush down the toilet.

  • The Oxygen released,  immediately reacts with any Hydrogen Sulphide (smells) for elimination of unwanted septic smells.

  • Eco-Tabs™ pH Buffer will neutralise the pH of the water which, when combined with high oxygen concentrations results in an ideal environment for our bacterial strains to thrive.

  • Microdot Separation Technology™ (MST) enables the tablets to imbed itself within the sludge layer and treat the entire volume of water from the bottom up.

  • 17 Different,  specially selected,  aerobic bacterial strains ensures mass reduction in grease build up, sludge, harmful pathogens and offensive smells.

  • Global team of dedicated microbiologists, scientists, waste water engineers and experts ensures unrivalled product quality and efficiency.





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