SEPTIC TANK TREATMENT Septic Tank Treatment Australia

Is there anything worse than a smelly septic tank in your backyard whilst having a BBQ with some mates? Septic Tanks always “whiff” up the stinky ones when you least expect and need it. The family is staying for the long weekend, everyone uses the toilets on the Friday and by the time the first sausage hits the BBQ on Saturday, the topic of conversation is… What’s that smell? Here is an effective septic tank treatment solution.


Imagine just how easy it would be to simply flush a tablet down the toilet, put your feet up and whilst you are having “odourless” fun, our bacterial soldiers are hard at work!


So why is our septic tank treatment a step above the rest?

•  The tablets raise oxygen levels throughout the volume of water 75% more than manual aeration.
•  The Oxygen released immediately reacts with any Hydrogen Sulfide (smells) for elimination of unwanted septic smells
•  Eco-Tabs™ pH Buffer will neutralize the pH of the water which, when combined with high oxygen concentrations results in an ideal environment for our bacterial strains to thrive
•  Microdot Separation Technology™ (MST) enables the tablets to imbed itself within the sludge layer and treat the entire volume of water from the bottom up
•  17 Different specially selected aerobic bacterial strains  ensures mass reduction in grease build up, sludge, harmful pathogens and offensive smells
•  Global team of dedicated microbiologists, scientists, waste water engineers and experts ensures unrivalled product quality and efficiency

Cost:  $85 – 6 months supply (6 tablets) and FREE SHIPPING Australia wide!


•  If you are a family of four or less use one tab a month.  ($3.30 pw)

•  If you are more than four people or have regular visitors,  use two tabs a month.

•  Simply flush down the toilet last thing at night.