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Eco Tabs Caravans & Boats Waste water treatment - Free shipping

Eco Tabs Caravans & Boats Waste water treatment - Free shipping

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880g  - CARAVAN & BOAT ODOUR                       TREATMENT

DO NOT DELAY ordering ECO TABS, your PERFECT TRAVEL COMPANION when heading off on your next dream holiday.

SMELLY CARAVANS are nobody’s idea of a fun and relaxing family holiday! Avoid it at all costs!



Imagine just how easy it would be to SIMPLY FLUSH GRANULES DOWN THE TOILET OR SINK,  put your feet up and whilst you are having “odourless” fun, our DEDICATED BACTERIAL SOLDIERS are hard at work!

So why is our Caravan & Boat Wastewater treatment the answer for ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNED travellers?


The granules raise oxygen levels throughout the volume of water
*. The Oxygen released,  immediately reacts with any Hydrogen Sulphide (smells) for elimination of unwanted septic smells
  Eco-Tabs pH Buffer will neutralise the pH of the water which, when combined with high oxygen concentrations,  results in an ideal environment for our bacterial strains to thrive
*  Specially selected,  aerobic bacterial strains ensures REDUCTIONS OF GREASE BUILT UP, SLUDGE, HARMFUL PATHOGENS and OFFENSIVE SMELLS.
*. Global team of dedicated microbiologists, scientists, waste water engineers and experts ensure unrivalled product quality and efficiency


  • 1 teaspoon after the full tank has been emptied and then 1 teaspoon (10g) per day.
  • Simply flush down the toilet.
  • For  grey water tanks, after emptying, flush 1 teaspoon down the kitchen sink, last thing at night.
  • Best of all, with the granules, you can control the dosage according to your specific needs. Some days little less, some days a bit more depending on how many persons using the facilities.


We thank TREVOR  DENT from NANANGO, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA providing the following valuable information:

I met the Eco-tabs team at the Nanango, Saturday market and the product immediately grabbed my attention. Being an ex-plumber and a Grey Nomad-in-Training, I know how hard to clean and keep at bay odours from both the grey water tank and the toilet cassette.  Acknowledging  my experience,  I was offered the product for a test trial in my 25ft Sunliner Motorhome.   So, here is what I did and the results:

FOR MY GREY WATER TANK @50 litres: – 2 people

After draining, I turned off the drain tap, used one (1) tea spoon down the kitchen sink and then used my sink and shower per normal till tank full (roughly 3/4 days). Drained and the amount of gunk that came out was above normal and more watery than sludge.

2nd -same as before, tea spoonful down vanity this time, to clean its pipe, drained, less sludge and more water and flowed much better.

3rd time did it all the same, tea spoonful down shower cubicle to clean its pipe. Drained and almost next to no gunk and flowed good and fast.

In all cases there was no more smell coming back up pipe, even during a hot day and little to no smell when draining.


After emptying, I put half a teaspoon upon opening lid, I let it sit for an hour before opening to cassette. Noticed it cleaner. When cassette was full (roughly 5 days), emptied cassette.  A huge amount of flaky build up came out.

We have tried a lot of products to remove the flaky build up, even with scrubbing, never have they been as effective.

2nd time, same way, cassette lid much more cleaner, even more flakes came out. Cassette is looking very clean inside with little build up.  Little to no smell during hot days and little to no smell when emptying cassette.


Eco-tabs Caravan & Boat Wastewater Treatment granules, is one product being much more effective than other separate products I have used to keep clean and eliminate odours in both my Grey water tank and toilet cassette.

This product is great as a scheduled cleaner (monthly or bi-monthly) or as you need it and definitely ideal for RV’s and Caravans.

It has been the best so far in my honest opinion and I would be glad to prompt this product further.

By Trevor Neil Dent, Nanango, Qld.